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2016-04-16 00:51:11 by Qwertfx

dark souls 3 is consuming me 


comic is not done because of dark souls.


send help


2016-04-02 23:41:08 by Qwertfx

what the hell is a trump. anyway friday updates are a thing that I do. (pretend its not saturday)I wanted to announce that im working on a little comic. a small one. about 10 to 16 pages. Ill try to post the pages here as they get done but i have no idea how long that will take. anyhoozle have a great day you guys


2016-03-26 01:21:27 by Qwertfx

Alright so im uploading a BUNCH of content that ive neglected to post but alas only at a comatose rate. anyhoozle i have some news I guess, Im streaming now, so thats a thing that I do. you can check it out at https://www.twitch.tv/qwertfx the schedule should be posted there. oh and be sure to check out qwertfx.tumblr.com to get updates on the stream stuff and some skeches I do here and there.  also ill try to keep these updates on friday nights since that seems to be whats easiest for me

anyway hope to have more interactions with all of you and maybe collaberate with one or two of you!

Hey you person with the computer!

2015-09-01 02:41:20 by Qwertfx

Yeah you! you ever wanted to bathe in a vat of jelliton? well you came to the wrong place. You're on my Newgrounds page which probably looks like shit right now! anyhoo I do a lot of art and the ocational animation so come back to check for more content!