I HAVE A question

2016-05-29 00:48:58 by Qwertfx

For a while now ive had a lot of video ideas, mainly sort of informational videos where i talk about different topics like game development, illustration, movies, etc. how would you guys feel about me posting them here? they are scripted and hevily edited and wont be just me talking in front of a camera. anyway id love to hear your thoughts


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2016-05-29 02:21:52


Qwertfx responds:



2016-05-29 06:24:22

I think that if you're going to talk about different subjects, you should actually be natural and don't stick to a script. It's all right to write down notes for yourself but I think that speaking naturally of the subject retains attention better


2016-05-29 13:48:45

Go for it. Will it have animation? Skits? outro? Intro? will it be entertaining?