Why the hell didnt I start using newgrounds before

2016-06-07 15:46:10 by Qwertfx

I seriously have to thank all of you for the feed back on my art. I have no idea why I never considered using my account until a few months ago. I made my account YEARS ago and never touched it.  ive been useing tumblr (of all places) to post my shit but this place is WAAYYY more useful. plus im surrounded by actual creative people instead of raving fans of some random cartoon that I watched like one time

so thank you! im working on a couple big projects and i dont want to spoil anything but i hope ill have some sort of update on them soon.


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2016-06-07 16:08:43

Considering how few ppl come here any more, it's good that you've gotten some reviews!


2016-06-07 17:15:22

Mah boi, Newgrounds is what all true artists strive for!


2016-06-07 23:39:21

keep going mate! newgrounds has changed a lot of people in a great way!