Inktober and updates on other projects

2016-10-11 04:00:53 by Qwertfx

OK just finished uploading a ton of stuff ive done for inktober. I might be doing another mass upload of inktober stuff after a few days. also yes i know its not real ink, please dont kill me. all i have is a tablet fam. anyway on to OTHER projects im working on.

Im working on making story narrations of short stories that ive actually written, If youd like to see more on that go check out this video ---->

anyway another thing. Im opening a store on etsy to sell art prints and hopefully more stuff in the future. Pretty soon ill be doing comissions once i get a paypal set up so keep an eye out for that. more info here --->

Ive had part one of the comic im working done for a while and ive uploaded it to several other places like imgur and reddit HOWEVER i would like to upload it here aswell so expect that soon. Im currently working on part 2 when im NOT super distracted by darksouls 3 or overwatch.

also i have several other ideas for comics so if anyone is interested to collaberate with me that would be pretty cool, lets have a brainstorming session.

anyway the podcast project i really dont see happening until AT LEAST the next month because the next episode for The Audio Adventure Podcast is still being worked on. Id like to actually get some other voice actors and it will take me a while to write 20 plus minutes of audio.

anyway thats all the updates i have for you right now. Hope to interact with you guys more.


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